Sally Sledge was raised in the church as a young girl and grew up in a musical family. After a time of personal struggle, she began to desperately seek the Lord, and in 1980 accepted Him as her Lord and Savior. In 1982, she experienced a spiritual healing and deliverance that forever changed her life and birthed in her a heart of true worship for Jesus Christ. Sally felt the peace and joy of the Lord and knew that she wanted to minister healing and deliverance to others in the same way she had received from the Lord.

The Lord began leading Sally in a life-style of prayer and worship, and in 1990, she began serving on the worship team at her church as well as other teams in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Following the supernatural leading of the Lord, Sally began harp lessons in 1995 and soon realized that worshiping on the harp was the Lord's calling on her life. The scripture that reflects her heart for worship and her desire to see others healed and set free is I Samuel 16:23, "When David played the harp...the evil spirit left Saul."

to see others
come to know the
 saving grace of the Lord

John G. Elliott - Galestorm Music
Tom Davis - Amber Rose Music
Jack Deere - Grapevine Ministries
Roger Sapp - All Nations Ministries
Roland Worton - Soundforgers
Scott Brenner
Keith & Sanna Luker
Bob Fitts
Tom Dooley
Lisa Beamer (book signing after 9/11)
Trinity Fellowship - Fort Worth (1987-1995)
Restoration Church - Euless (1995 - 2003)
Sojourn Church - Carrollton (2003 - 2015)
Convergence Church (2016-2017)
Mercy Culture Church (2018-Present)

Sally's heart's desire is to see others come to know the saving grace of the Lord and the healing power and life-changing freedom of His forgiveness and love.


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